Very international – A day with the Global-Castle-Team –

In November and December 2023 international students who take part in the program “Global Castle” visited some of our classes.

First, they introduced themselves and told us something about the country they come from. They gave us three statements, one of them was wrong, and we had to guess, which one it was.

After that they played some games with us, like “This or that?”. We had to decide between two different options and move to one side of the classroom, for example “sweet or salty” or “time travel to the future or the past”. What would you choose? They also wanted to hear our opinion and we had to explain why we had chosen our side and not the other one. This gave us the chance to talk freely in English and improve our speaking skills.

We also learned a song with a funny dance – that was pretty cool and we had lots of fun.

In the end, we had some time to ask them questions. Every team member said that they liked Germany a lot (which I still don’t really understand by the way 😊).

When the lesson was over, some of us stayed in the classroom to talk to the students a bit more. It was a funny, cool and interesting experience. We learned a lot about other countries and cultures. An English lesson has never passed that quickly!

If you want to join one of the Global-Castle-Language-Camps at Burg Wernfels (just 45 minutes from Nürnberg), go to . It will be such much fun!

Jasmin Schuldt, 7E